So, i'm totally obsessed with this collection. All the models appeared on the runway with glitter hair (that i obviously want now!!), wearing florescent rubber and PVC garments.
The Liberty art fabrics and all the textiles design were great too.


Shapes | Black & Whites

 Shoes: H&M
 Bag: Zara


Lifestyle | Vivienne Westwood private sales

 As you probably dont know i'm soo obsessed with Vivienne Westwood and yesterday i obviously spent some time, and money, at the Private sale every year takes place at the Milan's store.

This shirt i bought, that you may see worn by Cara Delavigne, has a long story.
The square tits, originating from 1975, was favoured by Vivienne for its Punk DIY aesthetic. This was amongts the political and provocative prints sold from Vivienne Westwoon and Malcolm Maclaren's Kings Road shop, now known as World's End but at the time named SEX

For more information about the World's End just take a look here.
Ow! And don't forget to visit it when you get in London!


Fuorisalone 2013 | A taste of China

For all the people that don't know anything about design, Fuorisalone are different events and exihibitions in Milan, completly free, organized during the Design Week.

This year, Fuorisalone gave load of space to the the Asian Design. I saw differents space dedicated to Malaysia, India and in a bigger way to China. From Tortona, probably the beating heart of Fuorisalone, to Triennale, big exhibition spaces were organized to share chinase most importand designers, tradition and culture.

TORTONA 32 - Via Tortona


 A Taste Of China – Design Around The Table & Slow Seating, Tea Drinking

This exibihition is entirely dedicated to the cultural richness of oriental food and conviviality. 

Through the design we can explore any sides of the markets, food and tea culture. Here merge concept and aesthetic, tecniques and materials, traditions and avant-gardes.

OFFICINA 14 - Via Tortona


CHINATOWN - Via Paolo Sarpi

A Japan Style Interior

A lovely woman, explain me how japanes makes Washi, a type of paper used for  Origami, Shodo and Ukiyo-e.
They raise paper mulberry for the entire winter. When it's time the paper mulberry branches are boiled and stripped of their outher bark, and then dried.  They use only the white parts.
A tradition said that to create the perfect paper you need 99 steps.


What i saw was a minimal design, easy but even refined, created with simple materials likes wood, paper or linen. A mix of modern and tradition.


Fuorisalone 2013 | Temporary COS store

For the second year, COS is celebrating Salone del Mobile, Europe’s largest furniture design fair with a pop-up concept store created by French design duo Bonsoir ParisRemy Clemente and Morgan Maccari designed the supporting structure creating light cages with wooden and white painted iron bars. Joints are composed by technical elements and bars seem to melt down on the ground. The space is clean and minimal, composed by the interaction of nature and technics. It’s perfectly created to generate a sense of peace. If intrested you can wath this video.


Lifestyle | Peanut Butter


• 2 cup of peanuts
• 2 spoon of olive oil or peanut oil
• 1 teaspoon sugar
• salt to taste

Step one: Put all the peanuts with few oil in a hot oven, 220°, for 5/10 minutes. 
Step two: Mix in a food processor all the peanuts with oil, sugar and salt. Until you get a cream. 
Step three: Store the peanut butter in an airtight container in the refrigerator. wait three hours before serving.

Enjoy it!


Shape | Black&Gold

faux fur coin purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Ring: H&M

I know it's spring time now, but it's definitely too cold and grey to wear flower and bright color. I rather love black, gold and fur. Actually i always prefer black and gold.